Discontinued Tymphany LAT Products


Tymphany LAT 250

The patented LAT 250 is designed to provide strong bass performance in a new vibration-free, cylindrical form factor. The driver may be configured for use in sealed, vented, bandpass or open-baffle enclosures, and provides high bass output from a very compact transducer. In typical applications, mechanical vibration is more than 90% lower than comparable loudspeakers, even at full output. The LAT 250 employs dual voice coils, and impedance configurations from 2 Ohm to 16 Ohm are available per customer requirements. Paired with the Peerless Lifestyle driver, the Tymphany LAT, is an ideal solution for lifestyle consumer electronics products such as flat panel TVs and sound bars, MP3 and cell phone docking stations, multimedia PCs and other small devices. Note: The nominal impedance is calculated with both coils driven in parallel.

Tymphany LAT 500

Tymphany LAT 700